Business Overview.

Flack Diverse Solutions Ltd trading as FDS Ltd. has been an incorporated company since March 2007, although the company has been trading as a sole trader since 1985.

FDS Ltd provides specialist ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) consulting for customers using products based on the Pick, U2 and D3 operating systems. Currently FDS Ltd provides consulting services to many high profile customers, with New Zealand based offices reporting to Head Offices in Japan, Australia and locally.

FDS Ltd has application expertise in the Masterpack and Olympick ERP systems, and has been actively engaged in these systems development on-site for 26 years for Olympick and 13 years for Masterpack. By developing these companies existing legacy ERP systems, we have been able to keep the companies on-going requirements satisfied, with very cost-effective enhancements.

FDS Ltd has expertise In Universe, Unidata, Pick and D3 databases, and in the System Builder SB+ Solutions development language, and Databasic programming language.

FDS Ltd has extensive expertise in the following ERP System areas:

  • B2B EDI data interchange for sales and purchasing.
  • BI Business Intelligence and BA Business Analysis.
  • Sales and Distribution.
  • Inventory and Purchasing.
  • Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger.
  • Financial reporting.
  • Service Management and Job Costing.
  • Manufacturing, Food Processing & Printing.
  • Energy Billing.
  • Retailing

FDS Ltd has previously done extensive on-site consulting throughout New Zealand, Australia and the UK, either under its own banner, or indirectly through Gentrack, Talgentra, Sanderson Computers, General Automation, Brooks Ross & Associates, and AWA Computers. These companies are the same entity with name changes over the years.

2015 is an exciting year for FDS Ltd, with 5 highly skilled technical consultants with specialised areas of knowledge available to provide development and support on demand.

Tony Flack, the lead ERP Consultant and Managing Director, heads the company, which is in a strong financial position, and has recently become a IBM Approved reseller, offering IBM Hardware at competitive prices.

With new resources now onboard FDS is looking forward to an even brighter future.

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